A small village dating back to the 11th century, Rochebaudin is located on the D328 road between Manas and Félines-sur-Rimandoule.
With just 120 inhabitants, mainly farmers, Rochebaudin lies in a valley which runs east to west. To the north stand the mountain and range of Briesse. To the south are the hills of Eyzahut and the cliffs of Poët-Laval.
This valley is abruptly interrupted in the centre of the town by a rocky north-south barrier where the old village was built. This gorge is the main site of interest in Rochebaudin. A road has been tunnelled directly into the rock and the Malle ravine is surrounded by some very old buildings: Notre Dame de Sénisse church and the ruins of a 12th-century Cistercian abbey.
The village straddles the Malle river.

Not to be missed

Notre-Dame de Sénisse chapel, the old bridge, the old Notre-Dame parish church, the medieval rampart.


Inhabitants  : Les Rochebaudinois
Population : 124
City area : 7,65 km2
Average height : 325 m