Discover new taste sensations

The Dieulefit-Bourdeaux District has a long tradition of welcoming visitors.

It also has a long food producing tradition, which you are invited to sample. Lavender cultivation, truffle oaks, fresh produce, bee-keeping, meat production… Here, agriculture serves both to celebrate the local heritage and to help diversify the economy.
Through your meanderings the colourful countryside will reveal itself: blue for lavender, green for pastures, gold for honey… At markets and farms, meet genuine local producers and try delicious fares. You’ll soon see why these are essential components of the quality of life you can expect in the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux District.

Not to Miss

The famous Picodon “méthode Dieulefit”, a delicious goats’ cheese. Taste it and partake of a local addiction! Wines from local vineyards, lamb from the foothills of the Alps and in winter, truffle nuggets speckling omelettes…

From mid June to the end of July, depending on weather and altitude, lavender envelops the landscape with its beautiful purple flower and its scent.