Les Tonils, at the foot of Couspeau Mountain, has a place-name connected to its wine-producing past. It is a charming little village whose 18th century protestant church lends certain fervour. The village comes to life in the summer and attract visiors by its charm, its scenery and pure air.
The starting point for the transhumance of sheep and the gathering of wild lavender, the area offers a vast domain of discoveries for hikers.
Beware, no right of way on the Couspeau Mountain during the summer months, due to the flocks taking residence.
You can go on a simple ramble and observe nature in its wildest and most unspoilt state (orchids, peonies) as well as a diversity of wildlife (birds of prey, beavers), or on a longer hike, which will take you up to the tops, walking through black pines, taking a rest among the fragrant lavender, each and everyone feeling rejuvenated.

Inhabitants : Les Toniliens
Population : 15
Area : 1300 hectares
Average altitude : De 497 m à 1513 m
Mayor : Frédéric Jost