Three miles from Dieulefit, Montjoux stretches out from the Serre de Turc hamlet to the Lance peak (1,338 metres/4,390 feet). The average height of its four hamlets (Barjol, La Paillette, Serre de Turc, Montjoux) is 500 metres, or 1,640 feet. The rain-fed river, Le Lez, flows through Montjoux before reaching the Rhône river.
The area’s scenic beauty is due to agriculture: forests of pines, oaks and beeches; lavender ; meadows; and a few wheat fields.
You can visit several potters and artists dotted along a three-mile trail circling the hamlet. You will also find two restaurants, picnic areas and a leafy recreation area (with a playground) in the main hamlet of La Paillette. Two hiking trails are marked. The village hall and the main shops are located in La Paillette.

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The area’s rich architectural heritage includes a Renaissance castle (private), a Roman church, a temple and many ornate arched lintels from the 16th century.

Inhabitants : Montjevins

Population : 315
Area : 18,35 km2
Average altitude : 1347 m