Bouvières is a charming little village, built in a gorge at the junction of the Roubion and Gumiane rivers.

Mountainous in character, the village (610 m) is surrounded by imposing mountains the highest being the Mount Angèle (1606 m). Two main arteries cross the village, the D70 road from the north to the south via the Sause pass and the defile of “Trente Pas”, and the D335, which leaves in the direction of the Motte Chalancon by the Lescou Pass (829 m).

Here the development of tourism affords holidaymakers a wide choice of activities: horse riding , hiking, cycle touring  all of them in beautiful surroundings.



Inhabitants : Bouvièrois
Population : 160
Area : 2505 hectares
Average altitiude : De 610 à 1606 m
Mayor : Philippe Reynaud