At an altitude of 500m, Eyzahut is a small village of a population of 143, hidden amongst woods and ringed by great cliffs. Marked footpaths staritng from the Village Hall, lead to the ridge where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Rhône valley towards the Cévennes and the Ardèche to the west.
Eyzahut is located on the GRP of Pays de Dieulefit, a long-distance trail for hiking, biking or horse riding.

In July and August, the village swimming pool (accessible for people with disabilities) attracts many visitors, its three pools being filled with spring water. The village campsite caters for tents, RVs and caravans under the shade of hundred-years old chestnut trees. Other leisure facilities include a tennis court next to the miniature village, a ping-pong table, and a badminton/volleyball court. There are picnic areas in front of the tennis court and near the pool.

The secret charm of Eyzahut resides in its bucolic tranquillity, its lush nature and the warm welcome to visitors from the locals.

You will also find a cafe and restaurant, ‘Restaurant du Furet’

Not to be missed

Le ‘Trou du Furet’, the miniature village at the bottom of the cliff.

Inhabitants : Eyzahutiens
Population : 143
Area : 6,6 km2
Average altitude : 505m