The Dieulefit-Bourdeaux District is a haven for hiking, whether you are experienced or just an occasional walker.

Walking leaflets describing the various hikes are available from the Tourist Office or can be downloaded from the website, in order to let you explore on your own.

There are 20 short yellow marked hiking trails (denoted on maps as PR= Petite Randonnée).

The difficulty level and duration vary from an hour & a half to a whole day.

Or you can opt for long distance trails (GR = Grande Randonnée), such as GR9, GR429, or the ‘tour de Pays’ of Dieulefit (regional circuit). The opportunities to soak up the unspoilt countryside are endless!

To explore further off the beaten track, contact a local tour operator. They will help you make the most of your activity and explore exciting new routes in safety.

A brochure explaining the local code of conduct while hiking is available from our Tourist Board

Warning: There is no right of way around the Tournelle and Serre Gros mountains, north-west of Dieulefit and on the Couspeau mountain, north-east of Bourdeaux.