Flying Sites – Sailplanes (gliders), Hang and Paragliding

– From the Mont-Rachas mountain top and Poët-Laval flats

– From the top of the Ruy mountain near Vesc

– From the La Lance mountain near Roche-Saint-Secret

Climbing sites :

Climbing – Roche-saint-Secret :
Rocher des Aures site. Suitable for learners although challenging. Quiet site, pleasant early and late in the year. South facing.

Number of routes: 72. Maximum height: 36m. Difficulty rating: 3a to 7c.
11 routes of level 3°, 11 routes level 4°, 16 routes level 5°, 36 routes level 6°, 9 routes level 7°.
20 minutes from the car-park to the cliffs. Guidebook: ‘Escalade en Drôme provençale’.

Climbing – Pont de Barret :
Eson: 131 routes. Difficulty rating: 4c to 8a. Very pleasant in winter. Guidebook: Eson, Le Palloir, Saint Ferreol.
Suzette Flipo & Ricky Banlieue: 41 routes. Difficulty rating: 4b to &a+. Early and late season site. Guidebook: Saoû.
Les neufs Lunes: 20 routes. Difficulty rating: 6a to 8c. Advanced site. Very pleasant in summer with quick access. Guidebook: Saoû.

Climbing – Le Rocher de Label à Bézaudun/Bine : 11 routes. Difficulty rating: 5a to 7a. Guidebook: Saoû.

Climbing – Le Rocher des Demoiselles à Teyssières : 18 routes. Difficulty rating: 5a to 7a. Optimal site for leading and beginners. No guidebook at the moment.