Saou Forest Country

On the outskirts of Saou village is the forest of the same name. It’s a magical world and one of the most beautifully forested areas in the Drôme. The forest, encircled by an amazing belt of limestone cliffs, covers 2500h and is home to an expetionally varied flora and fauna. The forest rests like a green jewel on the floor of the surrounding heights, which can be reached by a ridge path culminating at 1589m as part of a hike taking in the 3 highest peaks or ‘Becs’: Rochecourbe, Signal and Veyou.

Since 2003, the Forest is the property of the Drôme department wich manages it as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The aim is to preserve it sustainably whilst also maintaining access to the public. During your visits or hikes you will encounter rangers and official personnel tasked with duties of care for the site. They are also in charge of welcoming and informing visitors by answering questions and looking after people’s safety.