The Saint-Maurice hiking trail

The Saint-Maurice Mountain hike is a must-see in the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region.

This Sensitive Natural Space is an ecological site with a wide range of wildlife and a breathtaking view on Dieulefit and beyond.

The Sensitive Natural Space project has begun in 2013 and now protects 252 hectares. This article will make you discover this site and how to get to the Saint-Maurice Mountain.

What is a natural area ?

It is an area with an ecological interest. The species have a real interest for the heritages. The landscapes are remarkable for their beauty, but also for their educational value.

The fauna:

The towering cliffs serve as a biological corridor. The calm of this area is source of wealth for the fauna and you might see chamois and golden eagles if you look carefully.

The flora:

It is composed of high-altitude grasslands, a diversified forest and also protected plants such as Pulsatilla rubra, Arenaria Grandiflora and Dianthus gratianopolitanus. The National Alpine Botanic Conservatory considers the flora of this site as the most exceptional in the Baronnies region.

Discover the Saint-Maurice chapel at the top of the mountain and the story of the hermit who used to live there. Located at 930 meters above sea level, it has a magnificent panorama.

How to get to the Saint-Maurice Mountain ?

By foot: A 13km hike with an elevation gain of 600m departing from Dieulefit (more infos here).

By mountain bike: There is no marked path for bikes but some cyclists take the hiking trail or the main road.

By car: It is possible to go there by car every Whit Monday and 22nd September of the year. It is therefore busier than usual.

The view

Admire the towns of Soyans, Saoû and Bourdeaux down below. As for the mountains, contemplate Les Trois Becs, Couspeau, Sainte Euphémie and Roche Colombe.

On a clear day, you will be able to see the Vercors mountain and the Vivarais hillsides.