5 reasons you should spend your holidays in the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region

Our territory is full of suprises! It was hard to make a choice but here are the 5 essentials things to in the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region:

Try the Picodon AOP cheese ! A local goat cheese, round and delicious. You will find it at the Pracoutel Farm, at the Clos de l’Orme Farm in Vesc, or also at the Maison Cavet, a cheesemaker from Dieulefit.

– Climb up ! To the Saint-Maurice Chapel on the Saint-Maurice mountain. The view is breathtaking !

–  Marvel ! At the iconic potteries in Dieulefit but also in other villages such as Pont-de-Barret, Le Poët-Laval, Souspierre, Montjoux

Visit ! The Château des Hospitaliers in Poët-Laval and discover the History of this village classified as one of the Most beautiful villages in France.

Discover ! The past of Dieulefit, village of “Righteous Among the Nations”, with a guided tour of the path of refugee artists.